Since its inception, Christ the Redeemer has always been called to be a house of prayer, and that includes supporting missions that continue to spread the gospel, the good news of the love of God.  Annually, we participate in the ICCEC's offerings for CEC for Life, the International Development Agency and Foundation Day.  In addition, we prayerfully and financially support several other mission outreaches and sections on each of these are included below.

CEC for Life

The International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church believes that life is precious and the most defenseless victims of violence in our great nation deserve our attention and protection. CEC For Life seeks to educate and motivate our culture to understand what it means to believe in the Sanctity of Human Life.  This organization participates in the annual Right to Life marches and rally across the country, as well as assisting with counseling and reconciliation.  For more information, go to www.cecforlife.org .

Fr. Stephen appointed Phillip Richardson as our congregation's liaison to CEC for Life in the fall of 2009.  He serves to keep our congregation up to date on CEC for Life's activities and current events, and attended the 2010 March for Life in Washington, DC.  The march included holding a Liturgy for the Preborn on the steps of the Supreme Court building and then a march through Washington.

Foundation Day

Foundation Day is an annual offering through the ICCEC, received to further the spread of the gospel through the purchase of land and buildings for our congregations around the world.  Christ the Redeemer participates in this offering each June, and has been the recipient of a Foundation Day grant in the past.  A recent article from our Patriarch, Craig Bates, had the following to say:

" A common need around the Church - North America, Africa, Asia, and South America - is the need for buildings for worship and ministry. The cost of land, construction, or the purchasing of buildings is often time prohibitive to local congregations. Now with the current economic crisis it is even difficult for local congregations to secure loans from banks or other institutions. As a result, congregations are left having to pay monthly rent for inadequate facilities.

Foundation Day was put into place by the Patriarch's Council as a means of securing our future into the next generation. The idea was simple. On the Sunday closest to June 26th - the date of the consecration of A. Randolph Adler as our first Bishop - every member of the ICCEC -from the youngest to the oldest - would be asked to give 10 dollars to the Foundation Day Fund. This money would then be given to the Patriarch of the Church who would donate 1/3, loan 1/3, and invest 1/3...

...God is our provider. As we give generously then we will receive in abundance. It is the law of sowing and reaping."

International Development Agency

Each December, Christ the Redeemer participates in the annual IDA offering, supporting the International Development Agency of the ICCEC. 

The International Development Agency (IDA) is the mission and development arm of the Patriarchate and of the ICCEC.  The Patriarch holds jurisdiction of the Church throughout the world. Where local jurisdiction is not established, the IDA serves the Patriarchate in developing and establishing the Church.
The IDA is authorized by the Patriarch to
     i.  organize Congregations, Parishes, Dioceses, Provinces, National Churches and International Territories;
     ii.  legally establish and constitute the ICCEC in a nation or group of nations;
     iii.  coordinate the extra jurisdictional ministries of the many Mission Development Agencies to areas where there is no local jurisdiction.
     iv.   utilize, deploy, administrate, and coordinate Bishops, Clergy and Missionaries of the ICCEC to effect the emergence of National Churches and International Territories.

For more information on the IDA, check their website at http://www.idacec.org/idacec.org/Welcome.html

A.S.K. Network

Christ the Redeemer also recently participated in an effort through the A.S.K. Network to minister the love of God to Africa.  In October of 2009, a team of ladies will be traveling to Africa, establishing opportunities to spread the love of God through their Ministry.  Our own Martie Hunter will be traveling with the ministry team.  A.S.K. Network states as their Vision:

"Gathering all generations to pray for all nations, asking God to do what only He can do, doing whatever He asks of us"

More information about A.S.K. is found at http://www.asknetwork.net/home.htm

Bulgarian Orphanage Missions

Christ the Redeemer partnered with Rev. Trey and Jen Lyon of Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw to help sponsor a visit to a Bulgarian Orphanage in September 2009.  Our congregation provided funds for a missions party - a bible lesson, complete with crafts, food and goodie bags.  Madelyn, Evelyn and Luanne put the goodie bags together, and delivered them to Trey and Jen for their mission trip.

Jen and Trey have been going to Bulgarian state orphanages for many years now.  Additional opportunities to continue to bless the orphanage in Pleven, Bulgaria will be posted soon!

The Lyons visited us on November 14th, 2009 to report back about their trip.  You can find additional information on the ministry at www.bulgarianchild.org and www.ridgwayministries.org .

Bridge of Hope in Liberia

Reverend Jackson Weah is based in Monrovia, Liberia, where educational and growth opportunities for girls are virtually non-existant.  Many of them are forced into prostitution in order to buy food or attend school.  His mission, Bridge of Hope, provides a school for over 150 girls, as well as introducing the gospel to them.  You can contact Rev. Weah at hoperenewal@yahoo.com .

Appalachian Christmas Mission

Christ the Redeemer is partnering with more than 20 Atlanta churches alongside Praise Ministries International to provide a Christmas for the town of Booneville, Kentucky.  Located in the third poorest county in the United States, this community's current unemployment rate is 47%.  Many of the residents do not have adequate food, clothing or supplies for the coming winter.

Praise Ministries International works alongside local school and government agencies in Booneville to provide a Christmas giveaway.  The giveaway is held the second weekend of December, and CTR is providing financial support, donations and manpower to help accomplish the mission. 

We were introduced to the mission project in fall 2009 through a local church in the community, Macedonia Baptist Church in Canton. It was an amazing experience as the focus of each church’s efforts was to be led by the Holy Spirit’s guidance. While there were logistics and planning involved in the mission, we were exhorted each week in our team meetings to pray for God’s direction as to how we should contribute.

Our congregation’s focus was on contributing financially to the food box preparation, collection of warm winter clothing and book bags for the children. We collected over 35 bags of clothing, including coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts for the families in the Booneville area. Pallets of frozen foods were donated by D and D Food Solutions, just by a CTR member telling someone about the project. Once the food was donated, then began the process to find a truck and a driver to transport – and once again, God provided both donated services! As we continued to talk to people about the mission, we were able to purchase 1050 book bags which were then filled with coloring books, crayons, pencils and other supplies for the children – items that we would never have been able to afford without the generous assistance of a promotional company in the area and donations from friends and local businesses. Macedonia Church team members needed a place to store the food for the boxes, and one of our members had storage space in a facility they owned. God continued to provide in supernatural ways!

The CTR family met on the Saturday before the mission, and church members from age 4 and up worked to fill the book bags and pack the bags and clothing for transport. On the Tuesday before the trip, CTR members joined with participants from many other churches to pack the food boxes and load the trucks in assembly line fashion – it was a lot of work, but an amazing time of fellowship with other Christians in our community.

On Friday, December 11th, church members from all over the Southeast converged on an abandoned skating rink in Booneville to begin the preparations. They unloaded truck after truck of supplies for the giveaway on Saturday. Saturday’s giveaway was an amazing experience as the day went along. Christ the Redeemer’s 5 members who went to Booneville were very tired, but very fulfilled when they returned home on Sunday the 13th. God’s guidance and direction were seen throughout the experience as amazing situations took place, and as we worked to bless Booneville, KY, we were also blessed!